Sunday, December 9, 2018

Contoh Drama Bahasa Inggris

In an old house, there lived a widow who has two sons. Her oldest son is smart and wants to go to a college after he graduate from high school, but her youngest son is a lazy person, and love to consume drugs with his friends.
Adhit     : “Mom, I want to go to a college in Jakarta. What do you think about it mom?”
Twin      : “Its sounds good son, but I don’t have any money to send you to university. As you know, your father doesn’t leave us any money, and I’m here already sick, I’m so sorry son.” (Crying)
Luthfi    : “What? You want to go to university? Good! Go away from here as fast as you can, so I can do everything I want!”
Twin      : “Don’t be like that! He is your brother and you must respect his dream!”
Luthfi    : “Hahaha! Like we have some money!” (Go away)
Adhit     : “it’s okay mom, I will take care of him sometime, and don’t worry about money, I will find it on my way. I will prove him that I can go to Jakarta even we are poor.”
Twin      : “Are you sure? If that is your dream, achieve it son, I will support and pray for your best!”
Adhit     : “Thank you mom.” (Hugging)

In a place near 00.00 A.M
Luthfi    : “Hi bro! Give me that! I want to kill myself!”
Shidiq    : “Here you are! What’s up bro?”
Luthfi    : “Haha, my brother want to go to Jakarta! How funny he is.”
Shidiq    : “That is good”
Luthfi    : “Are you joking? Where he get the money? Stupid!”
Shidiq    : “Come on bro, don’t think about it, and let us taste this new stuff!”
Adhit find a way to loan some money to buy a ticket from Batam to Jakarta. Arriving in Jakarta, he found a restaurant and ask if there are any job for him.
Adhit     : I will work hard so that I can make some money to go to university! I don’t care how long I will spend my time to collect it, I believe I can do it!
He keeps work so hard, no matter how tired he is, he never give up on it. However, in other places, Adhit’s mom is sick. But Luthfi doesn’t know about his mom doing. One day, Luthfi come back home.
Twin      : Luthfi my son, where have you been? Don’t you have any job?
Luthfi    : Are you joking? I don’t want to work! It’s so frustrating!
Twin      : My son, do like what your brother do. He keeps spirit even though we don’t have money.
Luthfi    : Shut up! I don’t have any future. I don’t care about it!
Twin      : But…
Luthfi    : SHUT UP!!! (membanting gelas)
Mom crying and hanya bisa tabah…
Few weeks later, Jakarta, 11 A.M
Adhit     : My God, what should I do? It’s difficult to find a job for an high school graduate like me. I hope that things will get better.
Tiba-tiba, tabrakan dengan sarah
Brukkk… Buku berjatuhan
Adhit     : Sorry… I’m so sorry, I don’t mean it!
Sarah     : Oh… It’s okay.
Adhit     : Let me help you.
Sarah     : Thank you.
Adhit     : By the way, what is your name?
Sarah     : Eh, Hi I’m Sarah. What is yours?
Adhit     : I’m Adhit.
Sarah     : Oh, what are you doing here, Adhit?
Adhit     : Nothing, I just sit here to think about something. By the way, are you busy?
Sarah     : No, let’s go somewhere.
Adhit     : It looks like we are in the same age. How old are you?
Sarah     : I’m 17. I have my graduate last month and I am preparing to enter a university. How about you?
Adhit     : I want to go to university too; I hope that I will get some money soon. I am going to prove that I can even though I don’t have money. So my brother will believe in me.
Sarah     : Wow, I hope that your dreams do come true. I will help you, Dhit. May I have your phone number?
Adhit     : XXXXXX. Wish we will meet again.
Sarah     : Of course. Good bye.
After talking they go home.
Two days later
Adhit     : (thinking) who is this?
He answer the call
Adhit     : Hallo? Who is this?
Sarah     : It’s me, Sarah.
Adhit     : Oohh Sarah?? What’s up?
Sarah     : I have an information about entering the university for the less fortunate. It’s called Bidik Misi. My father’s friend can help you out.
Adhit     : Are you sure??! Oh my God, thank you so much Sarah!!!
Finally, Adhit can reach his dream. He cannot wait to tell his mom. He came back to Batam.
In their house…
Adhit     : Mom! I finally able to go to college.
Twin      : Really?? Alhamdullilah my God! (bersujud)
Adhit     : Where is Luthfi?
Twin      : I don’t know, Dhit. He hasn’t come home for days. (cough cough darah)
Adhit     : What happen mom? Are you fine?
Twin      : I’m fine… (pingsan)
Adhit brings his mom to bed. In another place…
(main judi)
Shidiq    : Hey Luthfi, how is your brother?
Luthfi    : I don’t know!
Shidiq    : I heard that your brother is back.
Luthfi    : Like I care, man!
Shidiq    : Hey! Order me another one!
Luthfi    : My wallet’s empty man!
Shidiq    : Then just take some from your mother!
Luthfi    : Hmm good idea, I will go home now!
Sesampainya dirumah..
Luthfi gedor pintu, teriak teriak
Luthfi    : Yo mom give me your money!
Luthfi terkejut melihat abangnya sudah pulang dan berpakaian rapi, tidak terlihat seperti orang miskin.
Adhit     : Where have you been? Don’t you care about our mom?
Luthfi    : What happen to her?
Adhit     : She’s been dying!
Luthfi    : What happen to you?
Adhit     : Well now I’m able to enroll to a college. I’ve proven that even though we are poor we can still hope to reach our dream! And if we keep going we can actually reach that dream.
Luthfi    : …… What the….. I can’t believe you!
Adhit     : Come Luthfi, return to the right path. You can fix your life. You can have a better future, and plan something grand for your life!
Luthfi    : Hiks…hiks… (crying)
Adhit hugs Luthfi.
Luthfi    : I’m sorry brother, mom, I actually want to be a police. But I’m desperate because we don’t have money
Adhit     : Don’t worry, you can still dreaming, and God has already planned a better future for us.
Luthfi    : Yeah I know brother.. I’m so sorry..
Twin      : I know your father will happy to see his sons have changed. I hope you have a happy life.

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